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Other Products We Carry ...

United & Other Brand Name Products
United brand & other aerosol sprays
United Sewing Machine carries a complete line of aerosol sprays.  We feature our own brand of "Silicone Spray Lubricant" as well as "Fabric and Stone Cleaner".

We also carry many other Name Brand types of aerosols such as adhesives, spot lifters, tannery, anti-static sprays, fabric protectors, cleaners/degreasers and more.

Tri-Flow Lubricant
Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant
TRI-FLOW™ is the advanced penetrating lubricant which keeps things moving, even in the most difficult conditions. Its unique formulation gives it the power to:

• Penetrate inaccessable areas
• Lubricate with premium oils
• Protect against moisture and corrosion dammage.
• Repel dirt, dust, sand and other abrasive particles.
• Resist rust and corrosion

TRI-FLOW™ can be used in almost any environment or application.

Bondhus Tools
Bondhus Tools
In 1964, we invented and began manufacturing the original ballpoint hex tool - the Balldriver®. Since that time, we've taken great pride in following our own path. We've built our business by providing Bondhus® customer - the professional tool user - with the highest quality products and support in the industry.

For over 35 years, Bondhus has been the world leader in industrial-quality hex products - combining sheer strength with innovative, time-saving product designs. L-Wrenches, T-Handles, GorillaGrip® Fold Ups, Screwdrivers, and Bits are all offered under the Bondhus® brand.

OLFA Cutting Tools
OLFA Cutting Tools
100 fine Olfa Cutters, Knives, & Blades. They choose the perfect handle shape and blade to work with material including linoleum, rubber, shingles, carpet, cardboard & plastics.

We are proud that so many world-class Olfa Cutters and Knives have received global recognition including Germany's "GS" mark for excellence and Japan's "G" mark. Bestowed only on products of the finest appearance, quality, safety and value.

Wiha Quality ToolsQuality Tools
Wiha Quality Tools
Wiha Tools USA was founded in August of 1985 to bring Wiha quality to professional tool users across the United States & Canada.

Wiha products are produced under strict ISO 9001 quality standards. State of the art technology and special tool steels assure products consistent with our reputation for outstanding performance in demanding service, repair and production applications.

Jiffy SteamersJiffy Steamers The model J-4000 Steamer (Left)is the choice of professionals from the world's leading manufacturer of steaming equipment since 1940.  We have a variety of models available for commercial applications.  These models are used worldwide by clothing stores to remove wrinkles before displaying.  The J-4000 is "truly a commercial workhorse."

The powerful Jiffy® J-2 Steamer (Right), can be used on clothing, drapery, furniture and any fabric to remove wrinkles quickly and easily.  Steamers remove wrinkles while being gentle on the fabric.  Your J-2 Jiffy Steamer with proper maintenance will last through years of demanding use.

Dremel Tools
Dremel Tools
The Problem Solver.  Talk to people who own Dremel rotary tools.  They are a fervent bunch.  They absolutely love the tool, and they use it all the time.  A comment we hear fairly often is "If you can't figure out another way to get a job done, you'll find a way to do it with a Dremel rotary tool.  It's an amazing problem solver!"  You can use the tool for hundreds of uses.

     by Dixon
RediMark's fast drying permanent markers have been reformulated with Dixon's own NTP™ ink system.  The durable plastic barrell RediMark offers the first commercial-quality marking system that is safe and certified non-toxic for home, school, and business use.  Available in eight brilliant colors (red, orange, yellow, green, brown, purple, black and blue) in both chisel (9500 series) and bullett (9600 series) points.

Fairgate Rules
Fairgate Rules
At Fairgate Rule, we take pride in the quality, precision, and dependability of each product in our extensive line, from our best-selling L-squares, T-Squares, templates, curves, rules and scales. We start with top-grade materials such as heavy-gauge, tempered aluminum alloy; stainless steel; and tough, crystal-clear acrylic. These are milled and/or cut to our exacting specifications. Then our skilled craftspeople employ precision handwork to ensure measurements are accurately applied to each instrument. When you select Fairgate tools, you are assured of quality materials and workmanship.

Fairgate offers over 350 rules, scales, and other measuring devices in both English and metric versions to satisfy the needs of professionals in the fields of graphic arts, engineering, architecture, fashion design, manufacturing, plumbing, and carpentry. Hobbyists and do-it-yourself enthusiasts will also find a wealth of useful instruments in the Fairgate line.

Mitchell’s Abrasive Cords and Tapes
Mitchell's Abrasive Cords & Tapes
Mitchell’s flexible cords and tapes debur, grind and polish hard to reach areas which are inaccessible to most standard tools.  Ideal for narrow slots, grooves, small holes, and curved surfaces, the round cords and flat tapes can be used on metal, plastic and wood.   Impregnated with aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and crocus, for ultrafine polishing, Mitchell’s abrasive cords are available in 0.012" to 0.150" diameters and the tapes come in 1/16" to ¼" widths.  Both are supplied on handy adhesive tape like spools in generous 50-foot lengths.

Stanley Bostitch
Staplers & Staples
Bostitch products deliver solutions for your fastening needs.  We're leading the way in the development of ergonomically designed, industrial-quality pneumatic tools, with industry leading power-to-weight ratios.

Every tool goes through extensive, rigorous tests before it leaves our door and goes to work for you. It's dropped, dragged, pummeled, subjected to cold, exposed to heat and forced to endure extreme, hostile environments.

Tag Guns & Accessories
Plotter Pens
Fisher Plotter Pens

But that's not all.  We also carry a complete line of cutting, sewing and uphostery supplies such as:

    Staple Gun Holsters
    Staple Guns
    Cloth Clamps
    Sewing Machine Oil
    Spray Guns
    Cloth Spreaders
    Dusting Powders
    Marking Chalks
    Shadows and much more ...

Please call or Email us to inquire about a complete list of products and/or availability.
United Sewing Machine Sales

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