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Gerber Cutting Equipment Parts
At United, we carry a large inventory of Gerber 3500 cutting equipment parts, accessories & supplies.

Gerber 3500 Replacement Parts

Part Number Description Gerber P/N
WC2 Cutter Foot WC2-001M
WC-009 Airframe Bearing WC-009
WC03 Support Washer WC-030M
WC01 Bushing for Cutter Foot WC-012
F-0101 Blade Bolt F-0101
F-1001 Nylon Nut for Blade Bolt F-1001
A-WC2-303 Wheel Knife Assembly Complete A-WC2-303
TL-259 V-Notch Holder 45° TL-259
TL-257 V-Notch Blade 45° TL-257
F-1385 Collet Screw - SHCS F-1385
U8321/4 Tool Holder Set Screw w/Ball WC-055
TL-266 V-Notch Collet 45° TL-266
A-TL-162 (not pictured) V-Notch Tool Complete A-TL-162
RB28/500 Olfa 28mm Blade (500 pk) RB28/500
R28 United 28mm Blade RB28

Gerber 3500 Accessory Parts
#CB3-118 Trackball #VP-037 Projector Lamp

#A-CR3-147 Pen Assembly

#20006 Tri-Flow Lubricant

Part Number Description Gerber P/N
CB3-118 Trackball CB3-118
20006 Tri-Flow 12 oz. Lubricant 20006
VP-037 Projector Lamp VP-037
A-CR3-147 Pen Assembly N/A

Gerber 3500 Punch Tools
Part Number Description Gerber P/N
TL-113 3/16" Drill Punch Holder A-TL-113
DPG-1/8 1/8" Drill Punch TL-202
DPG-3/16 3/16" Drill Punch TL-203
DPG-1/4 1/4" Drill Punch TL-204
F-1390 Set Sccrew F-1390

Gerber 3500 Replacement Belts
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#CR3-055 #AMS-BELT
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Part Number Description Gerber P/N
CR3-055 Drive Belt for 3500 CR3-055
AMS-BELT Conveyor Belt with Zig Zag Hole Pattern AT3-278

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